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README file:
What is it all about?
php_jh_pdf is a set of classes intended to simplify the generation of PDF
documents with PHP. It enables you to put down continuous text with automatic
line wrapping, automatic creation of new pages, etc. It also renders barcodes
directly onto the PDF document. It offers classes for creating tables by only
specifying column widths and the data to put into the cells. The table layout
(border widths, colors) is highly adjustable. The table class builds on top of
the other classes, so table cells can contain anything supported by the other
php_jh_pdf classes. The interface used by the table class to output the actual
content is simple and classes for putting in other content can thus be easily

Where to start
There are several examples included showing how to use all the classes:
- example-barcode.php
- example-flowingtext.php
- example-container.php
- example-table.php
- example-table2.php
- example-table3.php
I suggest to start with the barcode example as it's the most simple one.
Proceed with text example and then take the other examples as they build
on top of barcode and text.

Color parameters
Colors can be represented in four forms:
1.) Plain number - represents a gray level from 0=black to 1=white
2.) Array with one element - the element is treated like the plain number
    in 1.)
3.) Array with three elements - the elements represent the R/G/B intensity,
    each element going from 0 to 1
4.) Array with four elements - the elements represent the C/M/Y/K intensity,
    each element going from 0 to 1

A color can also have the special value "false" which means that nothing
will be drawn and the referred space will be left blank (transparency).

Further documentation
All classes have phpdoc style comments. The html documentation created
by the phpdoc tool (see http://www.phpdoc.de) is included in the doc
subdirectory. It is far from being perfect, but gives a good overview
over the available methods.

The JH PDF container interface (jhpci)
The table and container classes don't have any methods to output the actual
content. To do it, they require classes having certain methods, which are
called to calcalute the required space and put down the actual content.
Classes providing these methods are called "JH PDF container interface"

The JHPCI methods are:

This method is called to tell the class how much space it may use in the
horizontal direction.

This method is called to tell the class which data should go into the
cell. Note that it doesn't care about the type of data which is passed.
When it is called, the data is simply passed through to the underlying
class. So it isn't necessarily the textual representation which is put
into the cell, just think of the barcode class, which outputs in the
barcode representing the string. It is enterily up to the underlying
class what it does with the data!

This method is called to get the height which is required to put down
the data set through jhpci_data() with the width set through
jhpci_setwidth(). The value returned by this method must be meassured
in PDF pixels.

jhpci_putdata($xpos, $ypos)
This method is called to tell the class that it should actually put
down the data at the passed coordinates.

If you don't understand that, have a look at the files having "jhpci"
in their name. They are classes derived from other classes extending
them to have the mentioned methods.